Fund Details
The Newport News Shipbuilding Employee Hardship Fund Grant

Brief Description:

The Newport News Shipbuilding Employee's Hardship Fund (the "Fund") provides monetary support to assist employees following a natural disaster or series of sudden or unexpected events or circumstances beyond an employee's reasonable control. The Fund's primary focus is responding to emergency needs in order for NNS's employees to meet short-term, basic living necessities. The Fund seeks to provide financial assistance to address uninsured needs not covered by other NNS or community programs otherwise available to the employee.

Eligibility Requirements:

Eligibility and Application:

All full-time employees of NN Shipbuilding are eligible for assistance from the Fund. The application process includes submission of the application form, as well as providing documentation of need and proof of the employee's inability to respond to the emergency hardship.

Assistance provided by the Fund will be administered by checks payable to specific service providers (i.e. landlords, hospitals, funeral homes) on behalf of the employee. Absent extenuating circumstances, checks will not be written directly to employees

There is an annual maximum of $5,000 available, in connection with a single incident, and a lifetime limit of $10,000 per employee.  Assistance is only available up to the actual Fund balance.

Selection Process:

The Fund Administrator will assess "need" in an objective, non-discriminating fashion after full consideration of the circumstances particular to the employee experiencing a financial hardship. The Fund Administrator will determine if the employee's situation is of such a magnitude or severity that it is unlikely that the employee has sufficient resources to satisfy basic needs without assistance. 

Other Information:

Employees may apply for financial assistance in connection with an emergency financial hardship, occurring for reasons beyond the employee’s reasonable control, related to or arising out of one of the following:

•  Losses caused by a natural disaster, including fire, earthquaketornado, flood or hurricane
•  Death in the immediate family (defined as parents, including mother and father-in-law, and children) not eligible for coverage by life insurance benefits
•  Loss of income caused by a severe accident or illness resulting in the inability to work for an extended period of time
•  Critical home repairs caused by an unfortunate incident related to the property's infrastructure and needed to restore the functionality and safety of the home
•  Relocation expenses in order to escape domestic abuse, including first and last month's rent and deposit

Limitations: The Fund will not provide monetary support for financial hardship in connection with, but not limited to, the following situations:
  • Indebtedness caused by an employee's financial mismanagement
  • Vacation or voluntary leaves of absence from work
  • Income tax or other Federal, State or local tax liability
  • Cosmetic surgery, to include dental and eye procedures
  • Attorney fees
  • Divorce, marriage or adoption fees
  • Maternity/Paternity Leave from work
  • Losses covered by insurance
  • Normal health maintenance costs
  • Car maintenance or repairs

Contact Information:

For questions about this application, please contact Jennifer Brambley at