Fund Details
The Canon Virginia Emergency Fund Grant

Brief Description:

The Canon Virginia Emergency Fund will provide monetary support to assist members following a natural disaster or series of sudden or unexpected events or circumstances beyond the member's reasonable control.

The Fund's primary focus is responding to emergency needs in order for the Company's members to meet basic living necessities. The Fund seeks to provide financial assistance to address uninsured needs not covered by other Company or community programs.

Eligibility Requirements:

All active full time members of the Company are eligible to apply for assistance from the Fund regardless of how long they have been employed. In order to receive grants from the Fund, members must be in need of immediate assistance for basic living necessities in connection with a natural disaster or series of sudden or unexpected events or circumstances beyond the member’s reasonable control, which is not covered by insurance or by other Company or community programs.

Grants will be awarded according to need in amounts not to exceed $3,000 per year, with a lifetime limit of $8,000. Multiple applications to the Fund may suggest improper money management; in which case, the Fund Manager may deny an award or require credit counseling as a condition to receiving additional aid.

Selection Process:

The Fund Administrator will assess "need" in an objective, non-discriminating fashion after full consideration of the circumstances particular to the member experiencing a financial hardship. The Fund Administrator will determine if the member's situation is of such a magnitude or severity that it is unlikely that the member has sufficient resources to satisfy basic needs without assistance.

Other Information:

Hardships Covered by the Fund

Members may apply for financial assistance in connection with an emergency financial hardship occurring for reasons beyond the member's reasonable control related to or arising out of one of the following:

•  Losses caused by a natural disaster, including fire, earthquake, tornado, flood or hurricane.
•  Death in the immediate family- defined as spouse and dependent children (as defined by IRS regulation).
•  Loss of income due to a severe accident or illness.
•  Critical home repairs necessary to meet basic living necessities, or to prevent condemnation or eviction.
•  Relocation expenses in order to escape domestic abuse, including first and last month's rent and deposit.

Contact Information:

For questions about this application, please contact Jennifer Brambley at